Top 5 Types Of Fad Diets

Today, we will discuss, what are different types of fad diets? How many of them are present today to reduce weight loss.

There are total of five of them. Yes, there are total five fad diets in number available for weight reduction quickly. What are their names? What ingredients or food stuffs each one of them include and delete?

So, starting with the first fad diet and that is-

  1. Number one- cabbage soup diet- which if right word is used to describe them is a soup diet. This is because in it proper food is not eaten or allowed for eating purposes whole day. One just need to use this soup for eating purposes for all three major meals of day, that is breakfast,
    dinner and lunch. No other, nutritive food is allowed, that is why this diet lack nutritive elements needed to support human body health.
  2. Number second is- Juice diet- It is also known as detox diet, in which the whole day you have to mug up on juices whenever hunger arise and also during major meals of day. Being very low in calorie below normal, not allowing even normal calorie required to run body's chemical reactions is bad on health meter and a big no for weight reduction from doctor's point of view because it lacks in energy components of nutrition due to which it causes various complications inside human body.
  3. Number third is- Atkins diet- Yes, Atkins diet, which is total no for health and should not be followed for weight reduction. It causes major hormonal disturbances inside human body along with causing major metabolic disturbances, for example kidney dysfunction. Yes, this diet is major kidney heath killer. But, why this is thus, that Atkins diet is bad on health parameter, though being reducing weight fast enough? This is

    because it also lacks energy component of human body like Juice fad diet. And, includes only protein component to reduce weight fast and carbohydrate is allowed in so little quantity which on metabolism on health parameter is found equal to nil. This diet is ketone bodies enhancer which is major killer of kidney's health and human body's health too.
  4. Number four is- Lemonade diet- is such a bad diet on health parameter in which no food is allowed whole day. Person is put on liquid diet of lemonade juice and herbal teas and laxatives. This diet like other fad diets no doubt successful in weight reduction but low on heath parameter as it causes complications and impairs heath.
  5. And, last diet left to discuss is- chicken soup diet- in which you can have breakfast consisting of good health parameter allowing other nutritive elements but in lunch and dinner no other nutritive elements are allowed except protein and fat from chicken soup. That is, you need to ingest these chicken soup rest of the day when you want to have meal or want to eat something.

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  • Dr.Simran  04-07-2014
    Natanaelgenoel, we need to eat balanced food diet and do exercise to reduce excess fat and excess weight out of body. We do not need to be  a victim of fad diets, which are so harmful, which I already told in article.
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  • natanaelgenoel  03-07-2014
    Will we one day have to use food diets?
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