Quantity Of Fat To Add In Food, According To Each Season Of Year

Yes, most of time, it is advised that you should consume; fat according to nutritional needs, aroused out of work you do. Yes sometimes, your work demands such kind of work skills; to keep whom, in optimally working mode, you need to consume special kind of diet; in which some specific amount and some specific type of fat, is added in diet and deleted from diet.
Quantity of Fat to add in Food, according to Each Season of Year
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Same is for each season of year. Yes, quantity of fat to use in diet, is also customized; according to each season of year. Yes there is, specific quantity of fat that you can eat in each season of year; which is specified for each season. Given below is, all information regarding that how much quantity of fat, you should consume in each season of year. So, first comes information on-

1) Quantity of fat to consume in summer season-

Yes, quantity of fat to use in food in summers is specified. You need to consume only that much of fat in

food in summers and not more than that specific amount. But, how much fat, you should consume in summer season? Well amount of, fat to use in food in summers, is very less, minimum. But, why it is minimum? Why you cannot, consume more quantity or maximum quantity of fat in summers in food?

  • It is recommended because fat on metabolism inside body; produces maximum quantity of heat energy, approximately 9 kcal per gm. But in summer season, your living human body needs those nutrients; which provides coldness. Those nutrients or foods, which produce lot of heat energy on catabolism; are needed only in minimum amount.
  • Because living human body needs, minimum heat energy in summers, to run body functions; that’s, why minimum quantity of fat is recommended, to avoid maximum heat production inside body from it, to avoid hyperthermia.
  • Maximum heat energy, production inside living human body; is not required in summer season because it causes hyperthermia in humans, by raising body temperature of humans; from maximum heat energy produced inside body, from excess fat.

2) Quantity of fat to consume, in winter season-

Quantity of fat to consume, in summer season is minimum; but it is, totally opposite in winters. If it is opposite, then does, it mean that human body requires, maximum fat in winter season? No, it does not mean that. Then, what does it mean then?

  • It means that human
    body, of humans requires only moderate quantity of fat nourishment, in winters; which is more than minimum, but less than maximum.

But, why this moderate quantity of fat nourishment is recommended in winters? It is recommended because living human body needs, maximum quantity of heat energy; to prevent suffering from hypothermia.

  • And this, maximum quantity of heat energy; moderate quantity of fat can easily supply because minimum 1 gm quantity of fat, can easily supply up to 9kcal of heat energy.

So just think, how much heat energy, moderate quantity of fat; will be able to supply?

  • Well, it can supply that much, maximum heat energy that much, human body requires in winter.


3) Quantity of fat to consume in winters-

Quantity of fat to consume in winters, is not opposite of; quantity required in summer season and not opposite of winter season. If it is, not opposite of both seasons; then how much it is?

  • Well it is, just in between the quantity range, of fat used in both seasons. That means, quantity of fat your living human body, requires in monsoon; is more than summer season, but less than winter season; as temperature of monsoon season, is between temperature of summer season and winter season.
  • But, this in between quantity, also keeps on shifting; sometimes to minimum quantity of fat, of summer season in humid days of monsoon and on rainy days of winters, when there is coldness in environment; then it shifts again to, in between range.

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