3 Chronic Habits That You Need, To Avoid; Along With Fat, To Lose Weight Quickly

People think that they need to avoid, only fat for losing weight; but how much truth, is hidden in it? How much true, it is? Is it true that you, only need to avoid fat; for losing weight or something else also?

Well, it is not true that you need to avoid, only fat for losing weight; there is more to it. Yes, there are few more things that you need to avoid. What are these few more things? Well, these few more things are 3 chronic habits; which letting obesity to parasite, in your human body.

What these, 3 chronic habits are that you need to avoid; along with fat, to lose weight? Before I answer you, on this question; first know this, yes, you need to avoid fat for losing weight; but not all type of fat. You need to avoid,

only a certain type of fat; to lose weight. Which type is this that will be told to you in points, under 3 chronic habits that you need to avoid?

So, here comes, list of 3 chronic habits that you need to avoid; along with fat, to lose weight and those are:-

1) Avoid chronic habit, of sitting all day-

Yes, obese people have chronic habit of, sitting all day; either in front of TV. or laptop. Some time they have to sit, whole day because of their work, their professions for e.g., accountants, computer engineers, writers, editors; have to sit whole day because their work is of such kind; which can be done, by sitting only.

  • Students have to sit, most of the day, to study. So does that mean you have to leave, your profession or studies, for losing obesity? No that can be avoided, with slight modifications, in your 5 chronic habits.
  • No doubt, your work requires, you to sit most of the time of day; but that does not mean, you can’t take 5 minutes break; after 2-4 hours. Lunch breaks, tea breaks are allowable everywhere.
  • Utilize these tea time or lunch breaks, to stand up from chair and roam around, for 5 minutes and then, have your tea or lunch. And, if possible instead of asking peon, to bring your tea or water, to your table during lunch; go to canteen yourself, to bring your tea or lunch. In this way, you would unknowingly do, 5 minutes’ walk.
  • Now you would say, very less calories are burned, in 5 minutes break; well on that I would like to say
    that till now, you are doing nothing
    ; just keep sitting, whole day. So instead of, sitting most of time of day, burning no calories; try at least, burning few calories in 5 minutes break; instead of burning, no calories at all.
  • Similarly , student should have 5 minutes break, after every 2 hours, at home, during the meal sessions; in which, they should go to kitchen, for getting their meal; instead of meal getting served, to them by other person; to decreases their obesity, by starting 5 minutes break, walking  session.
  • With these, 5 minutes break sessions, obese people can decrease, their obesity and they do not have to, leave their profession or study completely; instead these 5 minutes break sessions, will refresh them; along with burning calories.

2) Avoid only harmful fats, not essential fats –

Yes, avoid harmful Trans fatty acids and not, essential fats. Trans fats are harmful for your body; but not essential fat. They are essential for, effective buildup of your human body; that is why, they are named, “essential fats”.

3) Avoid chronic habit of, consuming deep fried snack –

Yes, it is deep fried snack or food, which increase your body weight, tremendously. People mistakes themselves, for avoidance of deep fried food; meaning no usage of, oil at all. But, actually it means

  • Avoidance of food, which is made by, immersing food stuffs, completely in oil for cooking;
  • Whereas using 4-5 tablespoon of oil, during cooking, is allowable.
  • So, you can use 4-5 tablespoon oil, in your food during cooking; but need to avoid, eating food made by, immersing process i.e. deep frying.

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So, those were 3 chronic habits that you need to avoid, along with fat; to lose weight, with quick speed.

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