1 Common Habit Found Among Most Obese Patients

Know one important fact behind obesity.

Yes, there is 1 common habit, which is found among most obese patients. But, what is that?

Yes, what is that 1 common habit which is found among most of obese patients? That habit is no effort habit. Yes, it is no effort habit, which is found among most obese patients.

But, what does this no effort habit means? This no effort habit means, obese patients does not want to move for doing anything. yes, they does not want to take any effort for doing anything; then whether it is for eating, getting a glass of water or picking up anything at

far distance. They want everything at place, where they are sitting.

If they have control over every circumstance, then they would want everything to serve to them at place where they are sitting. They does want to take any effort for doing anything. They does not want to move their human body for doing little effort. Even they does not want to get up for picking a glass of water from kitchen; and to avoid any effort they keep either bottle of water always with them or call servant to bring glass of water, so that they does need to get up and take an effort to bring just a glass of water.

But, in avoiding doing any effort themselves and in wishing their every work done with remote control or on call of servant; they are harming themselves. Yes, it is true doing not a simple body efforts for daily

simple works; they are harming themselves, not anybody else.

But, how they are harming themselves by adopting habit of doing no effort or wanting everything where they are sitting? With avoidance of simple human body efforts, they are first of all harming their muscles and stamina because doing no body effort decreases your threshold of stamina and efficiency of body muscles. And, when need arises from maximum threshold, they does not respond a minimum. Because, body have adapted to zero threshold because it has been trained for that by doing no body effort and not for at least minimum simple threshold by doing at least simple minimum body effort.

Second harm this doing no body effort habit do is elevate body weight by putting human body on no fat burning mode. But, how it do so? This it do because human body burns fat, when it do some simple body efforts or work and not when it do nothing or no body effort. And, body shifts to no fat sweltering fat mode. No fat sweltering process results in more fat inside body giving birth to obesity.

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  • goldstay  30-08-2014
    Sometimes, the cause of the habit maybe rooted from a psychological cause called Impulse eating. You are right when you said that these patients need to have discipline in controlling the amount and type of foods they are eating.
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